How To Manifest the Reality you Want

When we are wanting to create specific results to manifest our desires in life we may visualise our inner warrior trying to hit a target 600 yards away with a bullet or a bow and arrow. It can be hard to hit that target due to interference from wind, your aim or your hands and arms shaking or difficulty seeing your target.

In life when you are shooting your intention towards the target of your desire many things can cause interference with your achieving the desired results as well. Being unsure of your desired goals, not believing in yourself and your ability to reach your goals. Self sabotage and allowing others to control your life can all greatly affect you being able to manifest the reality you desire.

To help strengthen your inner warrior to be able to manifest the deepest desires of your heart may I suggest utilizing meditation and journaling to help you better understand yourself and your phaneron or reality. The better you can understand yourself and your present reality the better you can bring into your experience the things you want to manifest. The less you understand yourself and your reality the more difficult it will be to manifest the experiences you want to create.

Further study into Manifesting can be found in numerous books like Abraham Hicks “The Law of Attraction” and “Ask and it is Given.” The more you can learn about manifesting, correctly perceiving yourself and others the better you can hit the target as you aim your intention towards your desire to manifest it.

Seek to grow in understanding and in developing your true talents. Look for ways to benefit others as well for in doing so you will be following the divine pattern to create a better collective experience for us all. We all inter-are. We do not exist in a vacuum. The more you can benefit others, the more you will benefit yourself as well.

In coming to better understand yourself consider this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.

“I see in myself my teacher, the one who shows me the way of love and understanding, the way to breathe, smile, forgive, and live deeply in the present moment.”

Being mindful and knowing our true self as we are in this present moment with all our strengths and weaknesses will help us perceive things correctly in order to reach the target of our desired experiences to manifest.

When mind fully considering the best course of action to take and the best desired outcomes to manifest may love and compassion for yourself and others always be your guide.







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