Watch out for the Vipers

Whilst the full moon kept vigil outside I slept deeply entranced in dreams. One dream I remember especially clear. I waited alone in a dark and desolate place near my childhood home. I was within a non-existent structure of old and crude design. Rough boards  with spaces in between surrounded the inner rooms. Crude steps ascended to the entrance above my view. A large window behind me overlooked a steep drop off into wild and darkened canyons that stretched as far as I could see.

I simply sat within a small empty room completely dark except for the light from a small hand-held lantern I carried with me. A few small items lay about like books scattered on the otherwise empty floor. I was waiting for my Dad to arrive and escort me home. He was coming on horseback so I waited for some time. Though alone and in such a strange and dark place I felt no fear.

I looked below and on a ledge that circled round the ancient building where I waited I saw a large black dog whining as it sought entrance to this place. I called to him and said, “you have to go around and enter through the front. There is no entrance back here.”

Soon the dog appeared at the front door looking warily in to where I sat. “It’s okay,” I said, “its me, don’t you remember me?” I held out my hands to the old black dog with age whitened hairs across its rugged face. The dog in turn recognized me, and wagging its tail descended the rugged wooden steps to my room. “Here you are,” I said, as I welcomed the dog and patted it’s head, scratching the ears of this old friend.

Then my Father’s voice I heard outside, at last he had come for me! “Look out for the Viper’s” he said. “There are no vipers in here, as I have not seen any,” I replied. The ancient dog and I began to climb the rugged steps to meet my Dad.

It was then that I awoke. It was long before the dawn, but I lay still for some time considering that strange and desolate place with the old black dog, and my Father’s word’s “watch out for the vipers.” What could it all mean? Surely it was more than just a dream.

To be continued.

Namaste. May love and kindness always be your guides both online and off.



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