Practicing Mindfulness

We each have many opportunities each day to practice watering the seeds of love happiness and peace, or anger, fear and bitterness within our being. Today was no exception for me. I felt very angry and irritated as the employment agency I work for sent my much-needed paycheck to the wrong address! This naturally led to a lot of seemingly needless frustration as I went to such lengths to simply get my check. Thankfully I did finally get the check. What was important here however was what I mentally considered as I went through this situation. I considered what I have been learning about watching what seeds I am watering, and using mindfulness to help soothe and transform the angry fearful feelings into happier more positive ones.

I am happy to say that although I cannot yet do this perfectly by any means, I caught myself in the act of watering those angry fearful seeds! I literally stopped myself and said, wait, which seeds am I watering here? I started to think of and list off all the reasons to calm down and not be angry. The girl who sent my check to the wrong place probably has a lot of people to deal with, and did not intend to send mine out incorrectly. It was not personal, or intentional. She has since corrected my address in her database. I knew I would get the check and everything would be okay, even if the circumstances were very frustrating and inconvenient.

I focused on my breathing and said, okay, let’s calm this crying angry feeling down. I am happy to say, I did feel better! I had to repeat the process a few times, but it worked! I hope that the next time something happens that is upsetting and frustrating to you, that breathing, and mindfully calming your feelings and transforming them into more positive ones will help you to  have a better day as well!

Keep on practicing! You are worth it!





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