For the Love of Geese

Personally one of the traits I most deeply admire in my fellow humans, is the ability to be kind to others. To my delight on my way to work yesterday I got to witness one of the better moments you can have on your commute to work. We were approaching a traffic light in an area in town where there are still some beautiful grassy fields where cattle graze. As I was nearing the light I noticed everyone was stopping before the intersection, so I stopped too, and put on my hazards to warn other drivers that something was going on. I looked about quickly to see the reason for the stop, and that is when I saw them. A mother and father goose with about 6 young goslings walking across the road together in front of me and all the other cars.

The babies looked very nervous, but mom and dad were calm and confident as they brought their young across the road to where the rest of their flock were waiting. It was a delightful sight to see! Everyone around me waited patiently for the family to cross. We were all very careful to ensure they were safe. To see the concern and care shown for the little family of geese crossing the road brought me such joy, it truly made my day!



I was unable to get a picture of the geese I saw, but I am sharing a stock photo from Pixabay at

To see that my fellow humans can show kindness to geese in the middle of rush hour, gives me hope for our abilities to show kindness to one another, and learn to live together in peace. To live with kindness toward our fellow beings, both human and non human, lifts us all to a higher plane where we all inter-are. We all live here together. Let us treat one another as honored guests, and life will be beautiful for all.

As you enjoy your day look for opportunities to show kindness to others. It will brighten both of your days! For the love of geese, may we all live together in peace!

Be blessed! Namaste.



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