My Father’s Blessing

While no human being is perfect by any means, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses; the role of a Father should not be underestimated. I count myself as very blessed for having a Father who never cheated on my Mom, and never left us to fend for ourselves. He always has been faithful to provide for us, and to help us to learn how to be the best people we could possibly be. While he did make mistakes like we all do, he did his best to learn from those mistakes and to change, grow and become a better person. I have also forgiven him for his mistakes, even as I have been so lovingly forgiven by him for my mistakes growing up. I greatly admire him for always seeking to better understand things and learn better ways of relating to others.

Even when it came to his spiritual beliefs, I greatly admire him for having the courage to study and learn what was the truth in their spiritual situation. When he found it was different then he had previously believed, he very courageously, and at great personal cost, made the changes he and my Mom believed were needed to stand by their new understanding of spiritual truth.

By his courageous example, my Dad taught me to seek answers to my questions, and to not just settle for an unsatisfactory answer. He also demonstrated by his life to be dependable and trustworthy, loving, forgiving, kind and faithful. I also admire how he stuck with his educational dreams and finished college with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Arts. After working for many years as a school teacher; he learned a new trade by getting his CDL license and driving a road grader for 12 years. After so much time as a teacher, I think he really enjoyed the peacefulness and solitude of caring for the rural roads in his part of the world.

Today so many people are unhappy with their lives and marriage partners. They will often try to go it alone. While I did this myself, and can see why many people choose this path, it is not often the best choice. In cases of severe abuse or unfaithfulness it is necessary. But if your spouse is not abusive or being unfaithful to you, it is much better for the children if you try to work it out. It is so hard for a single parent to adequately raise children alone. They all suffer financially, and the single parent has very little time or energy to invest in actually teaching the children how to be the best possible person they can be. A babysitter or daycare cannot properly raise a child, nor can a school.

Speaking from experience it is very hard as a single Parent to properly raise or provide for children. It is much better for children to have both a Mother and a Father, along with grandparents and aunts and uncles to help them to grow up to be the best possible person they can be. It truly takes a loving and supportive community to properly raise a child. When a parent has to go it alone, it is best if other family members or church members if family is unavailable can step in and help.

Part of a Father’s blessing is to give the Mother the time and financial support to be able to nurture their children. A Father has a very difficult role. He will challenge you, and make you think and reconsider, if what you are thinking, planning to do, or doing is really the best course of action for you to take. He looks ahead and warns of trouble down the road, trying to spare you pain. He also provides a much-needed buffer to protect the Mother from being used and abused by the children. Without a Father children tend to be very manipulating towards the Mother, taking advantage of her kind and nurturing nature. They may also grow up to be very self-centered without adequate training on being empathetic towards others and their needs. When only one parent is present it is overwhelming to adequately train the children in becoming fully balanced and functional human beings, in addition to keeping a roof over the families heads and food on the table. It can be done, but with great difficulty.

The grass is never greener on the other side of the fence, even though it appears to be. If at all possible if you have children, for their sake it is better to try to make your current relationship better than to throw in the towel due to differences and petty grievances. Our relationships are much like gardens. they need constant care and nurturing to flourish and become the passionate experience we may desire. It is well worth the time to invest in each other and create your own little piece of heaven on earth.

My Mom and Dad have not had an easy life, but they never gave up on each other or on any of their children. They have demonstrated over the years a truly incredible legacy of unconditional love and dedication to each other and their children. I will always be deeply grateful to them in countless ways!

Namaste, and thank you, to all the Dads who have stood by their wives and children, through thick and thin. Thank you also to all the Dad’s who in spite of many difficult circumstances including failed marriages; still did their best to be involved in their children’s lives and helped to support them as best they could. In many cases Fathers have raised their children alone, or with a new partner.  To me I believe that a Dad’s  greatest blessing is the gift of his love and faithfulness to be there for his children!

Thank you, to my Dad for always being there for me! I Love you always! By your example you showed me what unconditional love is! Unconditional love is the greatest gift anyone can give!






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