Mindful Living ~ for a Peace Filled Life

Have you ever had a day when your thoughts just kept you all wound up with worry and anxiety, to where coping with your life becomes quite difficult? I have, and so do many people I know. Well there is something I have learned through mindfulness and meditation that is very helpful for navigating any emotionally stressful situation you may find yourself in.

With mindfulness you practice staying in the present moment, not worrying about the past or future. You also look deeply into yourself and recognize your feelings for what they are. You embrace your feelings using mindful breathing and inner dialogue to address and transform the feeling. This is very helpful, but I have learned a new step that for me, makes the process even more effective.

One option I use to mindfully acknowledge the feeling is by saying:

  • “Hello (anxiety, fear, sadness, anger…) my old friend. I see you are here again.”

I then use my new tool, “surrender” to release the feeling with love, allowing myself to enjoy profound new levels of peace.

  • “Hello (anxiety, fear, sadness, anger…) my old friend. I see you are here again.”
  • “I have turned you over to Jesus, so you will have to take it up with him.”

By releasing or surrendering my fear, pain, anxiety, sadness, worry or any negative feeling I am experiencing to God, Jesus, the Creator of the Universe, I am acknowledging the feeling and its validity for being here. I am now simply sending it to a new department to address its needs.

This technique is also very helpful for releasing the desire to control others; or be in control of situations, where it is either not your responsibility to deal with it, or it is not in your best interests to be involved. Or it may be a situation where you really are unable to do anything about it, but you worry and stress over it anyway.

Simply address the situation, or feeling, or person’s name you are feeling the desire to control, and try this practice of acknowledgement, surrender and release with either the above option, or try this one paraphrased from Marianne Williamson, Author of ‘Return to Love,” and numerous other books as well as follows:

  • (Name, Feeling or Situation) “I love you, (I forgive you..if needed) I release you… (into God’s loving care.) You are free and I am free. Let there be nothing but love between us.”

The point is to address and name the source of your feeling. Trying to control others or situations that we should not, will cause both ourselves and others to suffer needlessly. Looking deeply into the source of what we are feeling, that is causing us to suffer; helps us to find the way out of our suffering.  These three steps are expressed in the three noble truths in Buddhism:

  1. We all suffer.
  2. Looking deeply into the source of our suffering helps us to understand it.
  3. Understanding the source of our suffering helps us transform it, and find the way out of our suffering.

Understanding ourselves and others helps us to practice loving-kindness and compassion for everyone. No teaching will benefit us if we do not put it into practice. Practicing the teachings of your spiritual beliefs can become a very deep form of prayer.

Jesus taught that we should love our enemies, and pray for those who mistreat us. He demonstrated great compassion and love for others in the way he lived his life here on earth. His life and teachings are great sources of inspiration for me. Buddha taught that we should love and seek to understand our enemies as well. He said that once we understand them, we will have compassion for them, and then they are no longer our enemy. Lao Tzu also taught to elevate others with our words and deeds, to not cast the wicked person out, but to help them cast out the wickedness.

When we acknowledge the needs and suffering of others, we help them to heal. When we acknowledge our needs and feelings, we help ourselves to heal. Surrendering our feelings, and the need to control a situation, over which we either cannot or should not be in control; will help us become free to experience true peace.

Accepting how things are, and acknowledging how I feel about that, followed by surrendering my feelings, to the greatest healer in all the Universe; brings me the greatest sense of peace I have ever known.

Living a life of mindfulness and surrender, can give you the tools you need to create inner guidelines to practice for inner peace.  I wish you to very best on your own journey to achieve, healing, balance and inner peace. Be blessed.



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