We Are a Living Message

Have you ever wondered while walking along a beach what unusual things you may find? Perhaps even a message in a bottle from long ago. While that would be pretty awesome, have you ever stopped to consider that you are “a message in a bottle” to everyone you know? Well we each are a living message to everyone around us. The real question is, what are we saying in this message?

When Jesus was here, he said “I am the way to the Father…” What does “I am the way” mean to us now? In Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Living Buddha Living Christ” he talks about this very topic. He says that Jesus meant literally he was the way to God, as in his life, his example and following his teachings can help us find our way to God. “The way is Jesus himself, not just an idea about him.” If we can connect with the life of Jesus and practice his “way” of living and being then our life becomes one with his. We become “the way,” the message to reach others with love, compassion, healing and mindfulness for a better and happier life. When you or your church manifest Jesus in this way, by living a real message of loving-kindness, compassion, understanding and tolerance, Jesus will be able to manifest through you to help many people in your life.

“When we understand and practice deeply the life and teachings of Buddha, or the life and teachings of Jesus, we penetrate the door and enter the abode of the living Buddha, and the living Christ, and life eternal presents itself to us.” Thich Nhat Hanh <3 (Living Buddha Living Christ p. 56)

A living teaching or message is not static. It flows with life itself. When we practice mindfulness to be in touch with ourselves in this present moment, we can consciously choose how we will speak and act. We can be sure the message we are sending out is one of love, understanding, compassion and tolerance for all God’s many children here in this world. Books and sermons are not enough. We need to live our message with love, like Jesus did.

If not, why should anyone care about what we say, unless we can show others that we really care about them. Life is an opportunity to live a wonderful message of healing and love, or a more messed up one that shows you really only care about yourself.

It is my sincere wish that we can all learn to mindfully practice loving-kindness, compassion, understanding and tolerance, so we may all have both a happier and more peaceful life here and now, and a hope for a wonderful future with the living Jesus as well.

Namaste, until next time.

Keridwan <3


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