Compassion: Rx to Relieve Suffering

Many times in my life when I have been suffering greatly, the kindness and compassion of others has lifted my spirit, and helped me endure the hardships at hand. On one particular occasion I was moving to a new State 1300 miles away from my old home, due to a very unsafe domestic situation. I was driving with two of my children, across the Country in an old pick up truck that barely ran! It smoked like crazy, and was burning a quart of oil every 40 to 50 miles!

It was very late at night, and we were crossing the desert near Deming, NM. I pulled over at an old abandoned tourist stop, to take a look at the engine, as it was smoking really badly! When out of nowhere it seemed, a Sheriff deputy pulled over to see how we were doing. He said the area was unsafe, and looked at the smoking engine with me. He told me about a truck stop about 20 miles away, where I could get help. He was very kind to my kids and I. He gave us some food and water as well. I asked if he could follow us, but he said “no, he had to go another way, but that we would make it to the truck stop okay.” I got in the truck to drive off, and looked around to see where he had gone. He had simply vanished, as mysteriously as he arrived. I asked my kids if they saw where he went? They had not. I have often wondered if he may have been an angel God sent to help us that night?

We drove on to the truck stop. I asked the mechanic there if he could help, as I explained the problem I was having, and how the Deputy had sent us there. He said he was only Insured to work on the big trucks there; but if we would like to grab a bite to eat in the diner next door, he would take a look and see what he could do. We got some food, and then came back to the shop, where I visited with the mechanic for about 2 hours as he worked on my old rickety truck. When he was finished, he explained what all he had done, and gave me some extra oil and some tires someone had left there, that he thought might fit my truck.

I asked worriedly how much I owed him, as I had very little money with me. He smiled kindly, and replied, “Remember, I only work on the big trucks here. You do not owe me anything, as I just wanted to help you out.” He gave me his card, and said to call if we broke down anywhere in the State. “I think you will make it to where you are heading but not much further, he said.”

My kids and I spent the next few days traveling the rest of the way to our new home. It was a long rough trip, blessed by the kindnesses of many others. We never could have made it without their help. I am deeply grateful to each one of them for their compassion and kindness. Thanks to them we made it, and were able to create a new life, where we were safe and much happier too! I was able to get a job while we stayed with friends. Later, when we got an apartment my wonderful co-workers went to my home one day, and stocked it with a bed, couch, dishes, bedding, towels, literally everything we needed! I wept for joy, as it would have taken me months to save up and buy all those things! Before they helped us, we were sleeping on some thin foam pads, on the floor at the time!

Many times people around us may be undergoing many hardships, that we do not know about. If we can be patient and kind to them it may be what helps them to have the strength to carry on. So many people today often feel isolated and alone, even though they are surrounded by others. Your smile and encouraging words may help them far more than you will ever know.

I want to encourage each of you to reach out to others around you. Be kind, be compassionate. Find ways to help others who are in need all around us. When you do this, knowing you made a difference will also increase your own sense of self-worth and fulfillment in life.

We are each a mirror for one another. We reflect what we are and what we see. Let your reflections be beautiful ones filled with loving-kindness and compassion for both yourself, and all others. When you focus on these things you will find greater peace, happiness and fulfillment within your life as well.

Namaste, until next time. May your journey be blessed!

Keridwan <3


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