Mindful Living ~ for a Peace Filled Life

Have you ever had a day when your thoughts just kept you all wound up with worry and anxiety, to where coping with your life becomes quite difficult? I have, and so do many people I know. Well there is something I have learned through mindfulness and meditation that is very helpful for navigating any emotionally stressful situation you may find yourself in. Continue reading “Mindful Living ~ for a Peace Filled Life”


Overcoming Fear

I once had a terrifying dream, in which I was visited by the incarnation of fear. Hand shadows danced across the ceiling in frightful dread, as a sound welled up from the floor like the waking dead. Frozen with fear I watched as a monstrous being slowly rose up through the floor, making the horrible sound I heard! Silently I prayed for deliverance from this terrifying being. In my dream I was joined by others who prayed with me for deliverance from the fearful menace. Suddenly, in a flash of light the dreadful incarnation vanished, replaced by a shining Angelic watcher. The angel spoke to me saying, “One thing you have yet to overcome. You must overcome fear.” At this point I woke in a cold sweat to consider the dream in depth. Continue reading “Overcoming Fear”

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